Nail Chiodo

w.r.t. “In the Instant’s Guise - Selected Poems”

La traduction française n’est pas disponible. La version originelle est montrée à sa place.

Comments by Mark Morgan Ford, Christopher Ricks, Rosanna Warren

“I think it is a great achievement… I admired the work that went into all the beautifully crafted poems in the first part and was totally drawn into the confessional stuff toward the end. It was a poetic page turner!” – Mark Morgan Ford

“… Would I have read every page of In the Instant’s Guise had you not sent me the book and had I not felt an obligation towards you…? The answer, which is enough to put me — I’m afraid — in an unwelcome or unwelcoming position, is No. But if I follow this with a cognate question to myself, Would I have been the loser had I not read every page &c.?, then the answer is Yes. For there are instants throughout, instances throughout, when I am glad to be in debt to a poet who is perceptive and who not only notices things but notices relations between the things that he notices (in my eyes and ears, a crucial ability)…” – Christopher Ricks

“An ambitious volume, sort of a post-mod Wordsworthian Preludes, formation of a poet’s mind. Very funny in moments, in its jouncing rhymes and puns; erudite in its promiscuous and ebullient misquotations (i.e. abundant literary references, always slightly off-kilter, on purpose) and allusions; naughty.” – Rosanna Warren